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Stefan Jozef Czemerys(non-registered)
I've now had a few looks at your website Chris. Among the many wonderful images I love the Dancers and Demolition galleries. I always look forward to your images on RFF.
Jim Barnes - RFF barnwulf(non-registered)
I came back for a second look and found myself spending a lot of time on the Demolition gallery and the Exhibition. The Dancing was wonderful as well. I am not sure I can pick a favorite gallery but the Demolition had me hooked for some time. You definitely have your own vision and are creating some fabulous images. I really enjoyed taking a second look here. Jim
Jim Barnes, RFF barnwulf(non-registered)
Christion, I have never taken a look at your website before now. Wonderful things here and I am sorry t hat I didn't look sooner. I will see things a little differently now, I think I will be able to narrow my focus a bit now. Thanks! Jim
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